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Jewellery is my passion. 

Making is my therapy. 

It began over 10 years ago. I was the first person to light my hair on fire in the CSU Jewellery Workshop. 

From that moment on, I knew I was a jeweller. 

Making has always come naturally to me.

I feel an instinctual pull to create.

Metal has become my medium. 

I’m a collector of experience over possession

Inspired by life in all forms, the natural world, art, music and the cosmos.

I explore the earth to collect stones, components and inspiration to create my jewels.

Lover of Travel and the Moon. I am particularly inspired by the night sky and the colours of dusk and dawn on the horizon.

My jewels are all made to order by me in my little sunlit studio in Griffith

Surrounded by inspiration, gemstones and plants, I aspire to create small batch handmade collections for you to treasure just as much as I treasure the experiences which helped me create them.

KL xx

It’s all messy. 

The hair.

The bed.

The words.

The heart.


William Leal

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